• 2007-12-04


    Charlotte you're not getting any younger
    Look at how much you've changed
    Charlotte you used to be much happier
    But it's not you that's to blame

    Charlotte you let him push you round
    And you're falling apart at the seams
    One day he'll get just what he deserves
    And you can be yourself once again

    I heard the two of you yelling last night
    Him threatening you once again
    I heard the gun shattering out from your house
    I saw him dead on the chair
    Charlotte go now and drive far from this town
    And I'll tell the cops everything

    How I saw him stumbling late in the night
    And take his own life recklessly

    P.S. I want to be myself once again



  • You are yourself all the time.Nobody can change this.
  • 有时候都很歉疚的想,我连自己想要的安慰都不能给,那么,可以给你的安慰是不是也很微不足道呢?
  • 有时候都很歉疚的想,我连自己想要的安慰都不能给,那么,可以给你的安慰是不是也很微不足道呢?
  • 嗯,又出虾米事情鸟?  ~_~

    才几天,海娃又郁闷鸟。。。~_~ Hmmm.....